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英語でのプレゼンテーションのコツを学びましょう (Business Presentations in English) (Level: TOEIC 600~990)

By the end of this presentation, you will know all about our department's plan for next quarter.




Can you survive a business presentation in English? 

In this lesson you we are going to help you survive an English presentation, no matter what the situation or time constraits that you might have. We are also going to give you some useful tips for western style presentations.

Level: TOEIC 600~990


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英語の会議に積極的に参加するには (Active Participants. Active Meetings) (Level: TOEIC 600~990)

Could I just interrupt here to make a point?


Do you find that your business meetings are often non-productive and seem to go on forever? In this lesson we will work to improve meeting management skills by focusing on the participant's role and responsibilities.


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