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電話で面会の約束を確認しましょう (CBS A - Lesson 1 Confirming Appointments) (Level: TOEIC 400-500)

I’m just calling to confirm our meeting next week.



Do you know how to make or receive English telephone calls politely and professionally? In this lesson, you will learn some very useful telephone English. You will also learn how to confirm an appointment. 

Level: TOEIC 400-500


i need to do business, telephone english, confirming appointments, toeic 400 - 500, intermediate, 電話英語, 予定の確認.

電話でスケジュールの変更を依頼しましょう (CBS B - Lesson 1 - Telephoning to make changes) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

Can we reschedule our meeting for the following week?



Gloabal businesspeople usually have hectic work schedules and often need to change appointment times. Do you know how to make a schedule change over the telephone? In this leasson, you'll learn how:

1. Request a change in schedule or plan (スケジュールや計画の変更を求める)
2. To give reasons for making changes (変更の理由を伝える)
3. To suggest or request alternatives (代替案を提示する、求める)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


i need to do business, telephone english, schedule changes, toeic 500-600, intermediate, 電話, 英語, スケジュール調整.