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地元の町を紹介する表現を身につけましょう(Talking about your region - CBS B - Lesson 5) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

What are the main industries in Kanto?



Do you know how to talk about different topics relating to your area? In this very useful English lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Describe where you live, or where you are from (居住地や出身地について述説明する)
2. Exchange information about local factors like the economy, population, and leisure (地域の情報 (経済や人口、レジャーについて) を交換する)
3. Give a report on a region (ある地域に関しての報告をする)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


i need to improve my conversation skills, talking about your region, toeic 500-600, intermediate, 英語で地元紹介.