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英語の会議で司会をする際の表現を身につけましょう(Chairing and Opening Meetings -CBS C - Lesson 1) (Level: TOEIC 600-700)

We have 90 minutes to go over three items.



1. 会議を始める

2. 参加者の手元の資料を確認する

3. 議事録担当を確認する

Do you want to chair meetings clearly and effectively? In this lesson you will learn some useful English expressions for opening a meeting. You will also learn how to elicit opinions.

English expressions are included for:
1. Beginning a meeting in English
2. Making sure everyone has the necessary materials
3. Assigning minutes-taking duties

Level: TOEIC 600-700


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英語のテレビ会議への上手な参加の仕方を紹介します (Teleconferencing - CBS C - Lesson 5) (Level: TOEIC 600-700)

This is Scott in the New York office



1. テレビ会議冒頭の自己紹介の仕方

2. 他者の意見に対して明快なコメントをする方法

3. テレビ会議のルールや慣習

Have you ever participated in an English teleconference? In this lesson you will learn how to:

1. introduce yourself at the start of a teleconference
2. Clearly give opinions and comment on the opinions of others
3. Follow teleconference conventions and rules

Level: TOEIC 600-700


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