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英語 e-mail の書き方:Specific「具体的に書く」, Concise「簡潔に書く」(Written Communication: Specific and Concise) (Level: TOEIC 650-990)

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今回は「具体的に」かつ「簡潔に」な英語 e-mail の書き方を紹介します。具体的な文章は情報を正確に伝えます。また簡潔な文章は書き手にとってだけでなく読み手の時間的負担も軽減し、メッセージを効果的に伝えてくれます。

In this lesson you will learn how to write sentences that are Specific and Concise. Being specific is important when giving or asking for information. Being concise saves you and the reader time, and focuses your message efficiently.

Level: TOEIC 650-990


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