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相手の発言中に言葉を挟むには? (Making Interruptions - CBS C - Lesson 3) (Level: TOEIC 600-700)

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Do you struggle to jump into English conversations? In this lesson, you'll learn how to interrupt and take a more active role in English conversations.

Level: TOEIC 600-700


interrupting, english for meetings, toeic 600-700, advacned.

意図が正しく伝わっているかを確認する表現を学びましょう (Correcting Misunderstandings - CBS C - Lesson 4) (Level: TOEIC 600-700)

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1. 英語で業務上の電話をかけ、電話をとる。

2. 自分の意図が理解されているか確認する。

3. 間違いや誤解を丁寧に正す。

What can you say to make sure people understood your message correctly?

In this lesson you will learn how to:
1. Make and receive calls politely and professionally
2. Confirm understanding 
3. Politely correct any errors or misunderstandings

Level: TOEIC 600-700


correcting misunderstandings, telephone conversations, toeic 600-700, advacned.