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英語の会議で司会をする際の表現を身につけましょう(Chairing and Opening Meetings -CBS C - Lesson 1) (Level: TOEIC 600-700)

We have 90 minutes to go over three items.



1. 会議を始める

2. 参加者の手元の資料を確認する

3. 議事録担当を確認する

Do you want to chair meetings clearly and effectively? In this lesson you will learn some useful English expressions for opening a meeting. You will also learn how to elicit opinions.

English expressions are included for:
1. Beginning a meeting in English
2. Making sure everyone has the necessary materials
3. Assigning minutes-taking duties

Level: TOEIC 600-700


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英語で意見交換をしてましょう (CBS A - Lesson 4 - Giving and Asking Opinions) (Level: TOEIC 400-500)

Akiko, what do you think about this plan?



Do you know how to give or ask an opinion in English? This is an essential business English lesson if you want to be a global businessperson!

Level: TOEIC 400-500 


i need to do business, asking and giving opinions, english for meetings, toeic 400 - 500, intermediate, 英語, 意見, 英語会議, 発言.

英語での提案の仕方を学びましょう (CBS B - Lesson 2 - Making Suggestions) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

I think we should launch the product in September.


外国からのお客様を観光案内するにはどこがいいですか? お勧めする理由は?

Where is a good place to take a foreign visitor sightseeing? Why do you think so?

In this lesson you will learn how to:
1. Make suggestions (提案する)
2. Express partial disagreement (部分的な不賛成を伝える)
3. Encourage opinions (意見を促す)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


i need to do business, making suggestions, english for meetings, toeic 500-600, intermediate, 英語の会議, 会議, 提案, 提案する.