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電話でスケジュールの変更を依頼しましょう (CBS B - Lesson 1 - Telephoning to make changes) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

Can we reschedule our meeting for the following week?



Gloabal businesspeople usually have hectic work schedules and often need to change appointment times. Do you know how to make a schedule change over the telephone? In this leasson, you'll learn how:

1. Request a change in schedule or plan (スケジュールや計画の変更を求める)
2. To give reasons for making changes (変更の理由を伝える)
3. To suggest or request alternatives (代替案を提示する、求める)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


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英語での提案の仕方を学びましょう (CBS B - Lesson 2 - Making Suggestions) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

I think we should launch the product in September.


外国からのお客様を観光案内するにはどこがいいですか? お勧めする理由は?

Where is a good place to take a foreign visitor sightseeing? Why do you think so?

In this lesson you will learn how to:
1. Make suggestions (提案する)
2. Express partial disagreement (部分的な不賛成を伝える)
3. Encourage opinions (意見を促す)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


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相手の英語を本当に理解できているかを確認する方法を身につけましょう (CBS B - Lesson 3 - Clarifying your Position) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

Are you saying that we need to revise the proposal?



What do you say to someone when you don’t understand? Can you think of three ways to ask for repetition?

In this lesson, you will learn how to:
1. Ask for repetition (繰り返しを依頼する)
2. Ask for clarification (聞き返して明確にする)
3. Check for understanding (解釈を確認する)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


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英語で業務上の指示をする表現と、それを受ける表現を身につけましょう(Giving and Receiving Instructions - CBS B - Lesson 4) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

Would you mind giving me a hand for a minute?



Have you ever had trouble understanding a process or had to explain a work flow to someone else? In this lesson, you'll learn how to give and receive instructions in English.

You'll learn how to:
1. Request assistance (協力を求める)
2. Offer help to someone (協力を申し出る)
3. Give instructions in a logical sequence (理にかなった手順で指示を出す)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


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地元の町を紹介する表現を身につけましょう(Talking about your region - CBS B - Lesson 5) (Level: TOEIC 500-600)

What are the main industries in Kanto?



Do you know how to talk about different topics relating to your area? In this very useful English lesson, you will learn how to:

1. Describe where you live, or where you are from (居住地や出身地について述説明する)
2. Exchange information about local factors like the economy, population, and leisure (地域の情報 (経済や人口、レジャーについて) を交換する)
3. Give a report on a region (ある地域に関しての報告をする)

Level: TOEIC 500-600


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