海外でタクシーを利用する (Getting Around - Survival Skills I - Lesson 4) (Level: TOEIC 000-400)

Goal: Learn how to take a taxi 


Lesson 4: Getting Around


When travelling abroad, you may sometimes need to take a taxi. Do you know how to explain your destination or make small talk with the taxi driver?


In this lesson, you will learn how to (レッスンの狙い):
1. Give a destination (目的地を伝える)
2. Ask for a recommendation (おすすめのスポットをきく)
3. Leave a tip (チップをわたす)

Dialogue (リスニング練習):

Listen to the dialogue audio first before reading the text.


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Driver: Hi. Where are you heading?


Customer: Hello. I’d like to go to 2202 Brighton Avenue, please.

ブライトン通り2202 までお願いします。

Driver: Sure thing. Is it your first time in Manhattan?

かしこまりました。 [少したって] マンハッタンは初めてですか。

Customer: Yes, it is. Could you recommend any good sightseeing spots?


Driver: Yes, you should really go to Rockefeller Center.


Customer: Great, thanks for the advice.


Driver: Here we are. That will be $19.50.


Customer: Here is $22.00. Keep the change. Thanks very much.


Driver: You’re welcome, have a nice day.


Points to remember (押さえておくポイント):

Practicising your English


If you have a friendly taxi driver, you can make the most of your taxi ride by practising your English with him! Here are some conversation topcics you can prepare:


1. Talking about yourself (Your job, reason for trip)

Driver: Are you here on business or vacation?
You: I'm here on business. I work in the automotive industry and am attending a conference.

1. 自分について(職業や旅行の目的など)



2. Talking about your country

Driver: Where are you from?
You: I'm from Japan. I live in Tokyo. How about you? Are you from here?

2. 母国について



3. Talking about the weather
You: It's a lovely day, isn't it?
Driver: Yes, it is. 
You: Do you know the weather forecast for tomorrow?

3. 気候について




You can get some great English practice on a taxi ride so why not try chatting with the taxi driver the next time you're abroad!


Cultural Awareness  (文化について):
  • In some countries, taxi drivers require a tip. Check before you leave. When tipping, the general rule is 10 to15 percent of the fare.
  • You may be able to negotiate a fare (for a half day, for many stops, to the airport, etc.). It is quite common; taxi drivers are used to it.
  • Taxi doors do not open automatically. You will need to open the door yourself. You can enter the cab from either the left or right side.

Now double check your understanding by reading the Japanese translation:

  • 国によっては運転手にチップをあげる必要があります。出発前に確認しておきましょう。チップは料金の10~15%が一般的です。
  • 料金は交渉可能な場合があります(半日分の料金や空港に行く途中で何箇所かに止めてもらう場合など)。よくあることで運転手も慣れています。
  • タクシーのドアの開閉は自動ではありません。自分で開け閉めする必要があります。また、左右どちらからでも乗車できます。
Useful Expressions (役立つフレーズと表現):

1. この住所までお願いします。 1. Please take me to this address.
2. レシートをいただけませんか。 2. May I have a receipt, please?
3. 空港までだとおいくらになりますか。 3. How much would it be to the airport?
4. (料金は)おいくらですか。 4. How much is the fare?
5. 20ドルで。5ドルおつりでお願いします。 5. Here’s 20 dollars, please give me five back.
Useful Vocabulary (語彙):

1. おつりをとっておく 1. keep the change
2. よいレストランをすすめる 2. recommend a good restaurant
3. 荷物を運ぶのを手伝う 3. help with my bags/luggage*
4. タクシーを呼びとめる 4. hail a cab/taxi*
5. トランクを開ける 5. open the trunk/ boot*

NB: *British English. For example: boot=イギリス英語